8 Best online courses of 2015

A few days ago I wrote an article about online courses to look for in 2016. So I thought it just makes sense to actually also look back to which courses proved to have some influence in 2015. So here we go with the eight best online courses of 2015.

8. Super-Earths & Life


Super-Earths & Life is hosted on EdX by Harvard University. For me it was quite exciting to starting to understand in more detail where life came from, how the earth developed and how planets ‘work’. Completely different to what I usually do and what usually is part of my research – but that’s the fun part of those MOOCs.

7. Chinese For Beginners


Since I’m always trying to improve my Chinese skills (or, better, get started with developing some basic skills) this course was a very welcome discovery. It’s self paced and the videos are quite short and easy to understand. The assessments however sometimes lack a bit of coherence but that’s easily made up for with the large amount of content and the ability to pace the course by yourself. It’s hosted on coursera and maintained by Peking University.

6. Volcanic Eruptions: A material Science


Three words: VOL CA NOS! – Seriously though, who isn’t fascinated by volcanos and who doesn’t want to know how they work? Once I saw that course on coursera (taught by LMU Munich) I was pretty happy and signed up immediately. Next up is getting go pro and climbing the next volcano. Or maybe just watching from a distance while knowing what’s happening. That’s pretty bad ass too! 😉

5. International Organizations Management


In a more and more globalized world it is important to know what’s going on on a global level – when dealing with international organizations and NGO’s there’s even more to know and to understand. This course by the University of Geneva on coursera shines light onto those territories and aims on giving the students tools and knowledge to navigate their way through the adventures rivers of international organizations.

4. Fundamentals of Music Theory


I love music but I never managed to actually ‘understand’ music. In terms of how it works and how to actually ‘create’ it by myself. So the course Fundamentals of Music theory seemed just right. It’s quite difficult and frustrating at times, at least for me, but worth it since you will get lots out of it that you an also apply into other aspects of life. This course is taught by the University of Edinburgh and available on coursera. 

3. From the Big Bang to Dark Energy


This University of Tokyo taught course on coursera, once more, aims on understanding how our world works and how the universe evolved. To say it with Goethe’s Faust, I’m taking such course so: That I may detect the inmost force – Which binds the world, and guides its course; – Its germs, productive powers explore, – And rummage in empty words no more!

2. Bitcoin Basics


This course taught by Draper University on udemy provides a very good and detailed intro to Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies in general. If you ever wanted to get the gist of how this Bitcoin stuff works and, more essentially, why it works, this course is for you. Bite-sized videos will guide you through the journey of understanding the magic and beauty that makes crypto currencies so tempting.

1. Social Entrepreneurship


This was a really well designed course. The Copenhagen Business School did a very good job with this coursera hosted course to keep each and every video shot and precise while also giving some interaction possibilities, assessments and group assignments. The topic was also well presented and hence deserves the top spot on this list.

Special Add-on:

Play With Your Music


If you’re into music, this course is (was) the way to go. Play With Your Music is a collaboration by NYU Steinhardt, P2PU and MusEdLab and provides you with a great experience for all kinds of music experience.

Did I miss a great course? What was your favorite? Shout out in the comments below! 

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