about nomadteacher.org

There are two big passions in my life. Traveling and teaching. Being the nomad teacher I combine those two passions and live my dream. Seeing the world while helping, education and hopefully sometimes even inspiring others.

I do believe that every country, every nation, every culture can learn and benefit from each other. That is why I think my approach can bring a lot of new insights and knowledge to your current educational schedule.

Having graduated and worked in the internet marketing sector before starting to teach I do have a skill-set that enables me to adjust quite quickly to new surroundings and tasks and won’t let me lose much time and get started almost immediately.

With my work experience, university background and current employments I feel comfortable in teaching Internet Marketing related matters (Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, etc.) as well as English as foreign language & sports.

On the map below you can see some of the countries I’ve taught so far. I hope there will be more coming.

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