App of the month December 2012

Since we talked a lot about Applications and their implementation into every day life in one of my classes this past semester I thought I’ll pick up where I left of in one of my first blogs ever – writing about applications and services that i consider ‘cool’, ‘useful’ or ‘bs’.

As you can see from the heading this time it’s the App of the month December 2012. It’s not solely related to education – although it does educate you somehow. It shows your habits and even reminds you of them or suggests new ones. Sounds scary? Wait, before we jump to conclusions let’s see why it’s the App of the month December 2012.

Name: Friday
Purpose: Let’s you forget to remember.
Price: Free
OS: Android / iOS

updating from friday

updating from friday

The slogan ‘forget to remember’ sounds funny and strange but sums up what friday is about (like a good slogan should do). You can add different social profiles (facebook, gplus, twitter, foursquare) and friday scans all of them, saves your updates and then figures out your habits and behaviors.

add your accounts to friday

add your accounts to friday

E.g. You check in to a certain restaurant once every week….friday then will remind you that you’ve been there quite often and that you might wanna go there again.

OR if you have talked with a certain contact quite a bit (via chat or sms) the app will remind you about that when you remain silent for some time and will say ‘why not get in touch again’.

Furthermore friday remembers your locations, check ins, likes, calls, messages, etc….and delivers and interesting overview over your social interaction.

Curious about your online / mobile behavior? Give it a try and when you realized you spend to much time online – shut your phone down!

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