Big Brother Mouse – Books that make literacy fun – in Lao

big brother mouse laos

A few days ago I came across the project ‘Big Brother Mouse’ from Lao, South East Asia. Since I work & life in Thailand right now I have been to Laos many times and really like the country and the people over there. So this project caught my attention quite easily and, as it turns it, it’s worth every single part of it.

Big Brother Mouse tries to make literacy fun while handing out ‘fun’ books to children in Laos. That sounds kinda weird since we think that everybody knows ‘fun’ books but, fact is, in Lao they don’t!

A statement on the Big Brother Mouse website

big brother mouse laos

big brother mouse laos


Many Lao children have no such memories, because they’ve never seen a book that was fun or exciting to read. Some have shared textbooks; others have never seen a book at all. We sometimes have to explain how books work: “Look, if you turn the page, there’s more!

And, after having spent a lot of time in Lao, I can assure that’s correct. Hence my support for this project. It is necessary and, man, it’s 2012! We (Europe, US, Western World) are getting rid of our books in order to replace them with tablets and stuff like that and the kids over there in Laos consider Books ‘awesome’. (just to make that clear: That’s not everywhere in Lao. In Vientiane, the capital, they have tablets and high tech stuff as well – just to prevent you from getting the wrong idea about South East Asia).

Like I said: Great project, great idea, hopefully soon to be more successful. So if you wanna do something nice for South East Asia and Laos: support Big Brother Mouse!

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