Crowd Funded University – The future or flight of fancy?

The other day I came across an article that showed how business men in Columbia funded the building of skyscrapers via Kickstarter campaigns. This renewed my idea of building a ‘own’ University. A University funded by the people, for the people. One of the current problems with Universities (and colleges, etc.) is, that many people don’t understand the offer of subjects, the administration process, the budget spending, etc. With a funded University (via kickstarter or others) this could be different!

As you might know, most people offer different packages on Kickstarter. So the one with the lowest, say $ 20, donation will be mentioned on the ‘donators wall’ later on while people with higher investments will have buildings or rooms named after them. Etc…the ones with the highest investments might even get a chair on the board or something similar important. You get the idea…

Maybe one could even attach investments / donations to influence on University policies, etc….then, on the other, should education depend on donations and investments? However if those investments and donations are done beforehand via a kickstarter campaign it would be different to ‘normal’ donations that usually include more favors etc.

Right now it’s just a flight of fancy, I think. But a nice one. Even though there are many Oompa Loompas on the way to a crowd funded university I still find the idea interesting. What do you think?

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