Teaching Diary: Dark Horse Classes

nomadteacher.org at work

Even though teachers should be unbiased when it comes to ‘favorite’ or ‘less favorite’ classes everybody has classes in which he puts more hope or expectations than in others. We don’t advantage one class over the other but we simply have different expectations.

There are those classes that you already know or that have students in it that simply outsmart others. If a class has some of those ‘better than the rest’ students you usually tend to think of this class as ‘good class’ (unless you think closer about it of course).nomadteacher.org at work

If there are classes that usually only consist of ‘average’ students or ‘not to good’ students you consider them as ‘not my favorite’ – I guess.

I say it again: I am sure that most teachers still put the same effort in each class – that’s our job – I am just talking about the subconscious expectations.

Now the fun / interesting thing: In each and every term that I taught so far there always was the ‘dark horse’ class. A class that doesn’t have those highly skilled students in it but neither has ‘uninterested’ students in it. Those classes always come, listen and perform ‘ok’ during tests. As time goes by those classes somehow start to sneak up the ladder in your ‘expectations chart’. Due to the fact they always come to class and always listen they all improve on a wider level compared to other classes where all the workload usually depends on the already ‘good’ students.

While the ‘good students’ are always the ones who have to help their friends, classes with no overly good students stick more together and try to do homework and assignments as a group. Of course, there are still students in the class that are better than others, but they still see themselves as part of the group and don’t tend to say that they’re better than the rest.

Not quite sure if you get what I am trying to say, so let’s keep it short: Right now in each and every term there has been one class that totally surprised me by their efforts & the overall outcome. I didn’t expect them to perform overly well but they stuck together, put work into class and outperformed other classes that were supposed to be on the top of my ‘ladder’. Nice surprise. That’s one reason why I like teaching. Sometimes you really get to whole classes.

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