Different student behaviors during exams

It’s exam time again. This means lots and lots of time in the classroom watching students taking their exams and thinking about how to solve the questions presented to them. While seeing students think this made me think (so thoughtful!) about the different types of ‘thinkers’ in each exam room. Certain behavior and thinking patterns always repeat themselves. Here are a few that I witnessed over the last few years at University.

The Thinker

thinker in exams

One of the all time classics when it comes to exams or answering questions in general. The Thinker! Analyzing the question, thinking hard about everything that has been taught in class. You can actually see the thoughts flowing through his or her head. It’s usually combined with the hand touching the face in some point. Not always Goethe-Likeย but still “impressive” or at least interesting. By the way: It doesn’t mean that ‘the thinker’ really thinks a lot or that the thoughts are in any way better than the thoughts of anybody else. It’s just one way of expressing ‘thinking’ (or emptiness – who knows).

So far one of the most seen poses and definitely one I can relate to ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Poser

poser in exams

The Poser is the type of student that sits in the exam and pretends to be super mega relaxed. Everything under control. Nothing could be better, nothing in the world can irritate his peaceful and confident mind. There is no way in hell this student will suffer from anxiousness (until he meets my exam :P). We all know that this behavior is mostly fake but we can always see it happening in the exam room at least a few times. The only thing it does is probably freaking other students out seeing one of their peers doing so ‘well’.

Personal experience when in Uni: I really disliked those people acting all super confident – but, admittedly, it might help to feel more secure. If it really helps, then go for it (while looking like a jerk to others ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

The Talker

talker in examsAnother funny thing to see during exams are students who start to “talk”. Not in a loud and clear voice but simply to themselves. I also can relate to that a bit but seeing it is simply way funnier than doing it by yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sometimes you can see students reading questions again to themselves, sometimes it looks like they are counting or they are going through something in their mind while repeating the content they think about.

Let’s just hope it’s not a clever lip-reading-cheating technique though ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Actor

actor in exam roomsActors are probably one of the most annoying types of ‘thinkers’ in the exam room. They are loud and noisy – not with actual noise but with their behavior. Large movements, long lasting ‘acting’ with arms and body language in general. It’s hard to say something against it since it’s not really loud but it’s hard to focus on something else than this acting. Annoying – especially for fellow students in the exam room that have to watch this behavior.

Maybe Universities should give out announcements that say ‘This is not Big Brother, it is not a casting, there are no cameras and you can’t reach the next round by overacting’. Or maybe we should simply start giving out roses or ‘next round’ tickets instead of grades.

The Stalker

staringThe Stalker – or maybe better Starer – is that kind of student that sits in the exam room and simply starts to stare at you (sometimes also into the open space) and nothing will stop him. Freaky, scary, creepy. Just hope he won’t have your number ๐Ÿ˜‰

This post is filed under ‘fun(k)’ ;p – so please don’t be offended. You might even come up with different teacher behavior or additional student behaviors. Let me know who you are or who you saw during your exams!

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