EdTechWorld EdTech Podcast #1 – New Media, Education in Thailand, Student perspective

Our first podcast is already quite a special one since it features one of my students as guest. Most other podcasts that we planned and have in pipe are with professionals of some sort but it was super interesting to hear lots of ideas from a very thoughtful student point of view. We ended up talking a lot about Thai education since this is past of both of our lives and also relates to how we would want to use New Media in the classroom these days. I hope you enjoy the first EdTechWorld.org Podcast. If you do, feel free to subscribe and leave your comments. 🙂

We want to break the wall that separates learning from fun, studies from media.

Let’s go:

In case it doesn’t play, here’s the link: EdTechWorld.org Podcast #1

Here is it on speaker:

And here on soundcloud:


Here is the prezi presentation that is mentioned in the podcast:

And here is the presentation as pdf slides:

Here it also is on youtube 🙂


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