“Everybody can teach” – Job Interview with a private Uni in Bangkok

Thailand educational walls

This is going to be a short rant. Sorry.

So while I was a bit unsatisfied with my career I was looking for different opportunities and got contacted by a private University based in Bangkok. I went there for an interview and it became pretty clear pretty fast that they were merely after me due to my international online marketing background and not necessarily due to my passionate teaching or research achievements.

I made it pretty clear that marketing isn’t my main focus anymore. Sure I’d be happy to help and to work with the marketing department but my main focus should be definitely be education & research. I thought that message was quite clear. When we met the second time then I received an offer. As marketing staff. I had to control myself quite a bit to not burst into laughter since a) the job title was a joke b) my would-be ‘boss’ clearly lacked any kind of experience in this area c) the salary was, for this ‘marketing’ job a bad joke. far away from what most companies offer for ‘online marketing’ people d) i was promised 1 class per semester. A second class maybe…

I then explained again what my passion is and that I really want to stay in teaching. That’s why I’m still here. The University explained their concern regarding missing marketing know-how and I explained that I’d be happy to help with that if teaching (and research) can stay my number one priority. The uni then agreed to offer me one more ‘fix’ class and amped up the salary a little bit. Still nothing tooo convincing but with being a bit unsatisfied with my employer I still didn’t say no but said I needed to think about it.

At the same time I got a job offer at one of the best Universities in the country as a part-time lecturer for a subject I always wanted to teach. So I agreed on doing this (once a week) and told my would-be employer about the deal. They immediately said no (even though having your staff lecturing at another University increases your own ranking in the yearly Quality Assurance rating) and told me if I would go ahead and do that they would shorten the salary and take away one of the classes I would have been supposed to teach.

This showed that they didn’t take teaching really serious and simply used ‘classes’ as a form of good to trade. When I asked how they simply could take away this class and who would then teach it the answer was ‘everybody can teach, we’ll find someone’.

Guess what my answer to that, still existing, job offer then was.

Education is not a good!

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