Facebook Graph Search in Education

facebook graph search in education

A few days ago Facebook introduced a new search algorithm. The so called Facebook Graph Search. Right now it’s not available for everybody but it will be soon.

While the old search worked via checkboxes (tick what you want to search) and only showed a limited amount of results the new search now lets you put different aspects into context. You can search for so many things like ‘Friends who like One Direction’ in case you want to know who to take for a concert (or who to delete from your friends list). You could even go further and ask for ‘friends who like one direction and are single’…..just in case you’re…uhm…you know.

While those searches are nice and fun this new feature however could also bring some dangers along. Just imagine you would click ‘like’ on ‘porn movies’ – even though you might only mean it as a joke – computers quite often don’t know how to handle sarcasm so if someone searches for your name he might see your affiliation with porn like here in the example…

On the other hand it is obviously nothing to be to scared about. Just imaging the freedom this search brings you. Finding all pictures from holiday destination for example. Or all friends that live in a certain city and all enjoy star wars (so you can invite them for the next marathon), etc…

In terms of education I would say there is only one thing left to do: Explain even better how your actions influence ¬†search results and your online appearance. There is no need for panic (as suggested in some other blog posts covering this topic) as long as we help students to use common sense everything is still fine and I’m certain that Facebook will work on fixing the bugs that are still happening in its new Graph Search.

Some more examples can be found over at Actual Facebook Graph Searches.

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