Head-fake Learning

The term head-fake learning is one of my favorites when it comes to discussions about teaching methodologies. The credit for this term goes unfortunately not to me but to one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to teaching and advice in all terms of mastering ones life, Randy Pausch. Randy considered head-fake learning as one of the most useful weapons in a teacher’s arsenal. Up to now I totally agree with this point of view and would like to discuss how you can implement headfake learning methods into everyday teaching. What is head-fake learning? Before talking about the implementation we have to define head-fake learning though. While I am not a big fan of fixed and casted in concrete definitions we at least need to know what we we are talking about. So ‘head-fake learning’ stands for the form of learning that is not obvious at first sight. Students think they are learning something about matter a but are, in fact, learning something about matter b. On a bigger scale this could even be a different subject or – on a meta level – about how to live life. Head-fake learning can be used in all different varieties and [...]

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