Help! Trying to fund a PhD

It has been a while since my last post here on That’s not due to laziness though (not this time!). I tried to find a fitting PhD program. Well to be honest, I tried to find a sponsorship or scholarship. It has been quite frustrating since I somehow don’t seem to fit existing scholarship programs. Being German but ‘deciding’ to work in Thailand kind of places a stamp on my forehead that brings lots of stereotypes with it. No matter how much I proof that this is ‘actual real work’ here.

Therefore I’m getting desperate now and am really looking for sponsors for my PhD. So if you are an educational company, Uni, school or someone with real interest of helping: I would appreciate it. Of course I would give something in return. Not my soul but lots of information and of course mentions on my blog (here and and social media. I even turned to a crowd funding platform in order to make this project happen. You can see the take on this here:

So now I’m running out of possibilities of funding a PhD. It’s super expensive and unfortunately I don’t fit in to any scholarship plan out there. Being from Germany but working in Thailand (teaching at Uni, working with NGOs) somehow leaves me out of the equation.

I mentioned it a few timesBefore I became a lecturer at Uni I worked in marketing agencies and did the ‘normal’ thing that graduates from my Uni did. Becoming an online marketing person. After a while I couldn’t stand it anymore and switched to teaching – it was kind of a time-out at first but I started to love it and I never came back from that ‘time-out’. I finally found a job that lets me ‘change the world’. At least somehow. And it’s awesome.

Unfortunately you don’t earn much in education over here in Thailand (unless you sell your soul and principles) and, being in academics now, degrees are very important in order to gain more influence. So in order to make more changes in education I decided I should go for a PhD. To be precise: A PhD in ‘eLearning methodologies’ with Assumption University here in Bangkok. I could do this PhD as a research bases PhD which means I could continue working while doing research for my dissertation and then hopefully use my findings in order to improve learning structures here in Southeast Asia.

Until I can do that however I have to pay around 520,000 THB (around 12.000 EUR) for the PhD (3 years). That’s why I am here.

So if you decide to help me I will not only be forever grateful but also promise to use my gained knowledge only for good (as well know with great power comes great responsibility) oh and, of course, I’ll mention you on my wall of superheroes on my website (,, facebook, twitter, instagram, vine, snapchat…I’d even call your grandma to tell her you’re awesome 🙂

I will post regular updates on my blog so everyone sees that the program actually progresses and that this thing is not just some kind of scam.

To be honest I don’t expect this to work out since I’m not sure if I would donate money to some dude trying to do his PhD – but if it works it would do wonders to my motivation and dedication.

So what do you say? Shall we change the world?

Collect money online

I would highly appreciate any help and, as mentioned above, would of course blog frequently and mention every donor/sponsor.

Thank you for helping me to make change happen.

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