M.I.E. – Missing In Education: Money

money - missing in education

After 3 terms of teaching on a ‘volunteer’ contract in Thailand I decided to change. I loved the experience and students here but now that most of my classes graduated I felt like this is the right time to change. Furthermore the money was just not enough to have a ‘normal’ living. I don’t do it for the money of course, but having always to think about whether or not I can afford a large McDonalds meal simply sucks after a while and compared to what others here earn it’s just not fair. Especially taking into account that I have the highest degree of most teachers at the college. So long story short: I love teaching, love my students here, didn’t like the officials and organisation. So time to change.

Now since I learned to love Thailand and somehow came into contact with Universities here I started to talk with them about teaching engagements (non volunteer). Besides that, just in case this won’t work out, I also started to talk with companies. Plan B so to say. Now the sad part: Most companies usually offer about 15.000 Thai Baht (it’s not that much in Euro or Dollar of course, but always take into account: In Thailand everything is cheaper / less) more per month with a lot of additional support (housing, healthcare, etc.). Schools, colleges, Unis are way behind those offers. That’s obviously something that happens everywhere but simply makes me sad every time it comes to my mind. This kind of forces the bright and highly skilled people into the ‘business’ world since they could make a lot more money over there. As long as someone isn’t really ‘in to’ teaching he’ll probably always chose the business career path.

money - missing in education

M.I.E. - Missing In Education: Money

I’m quite aware of the fact that changing this isn’t that easy. However governments should ask themselves what the future of their country / economy / wellbeing is worth. It actually should be worth way more than what is spend on education right now. But that’s kind of fighting the windmills since those discussions go on for years and all educators know that already.

I really love being into education right now. It just feels like the ‘right’ thing to do and gives me a good reason to go to work everyday. I’m not working for a company’s ROI or whatever but for the future of my students. Sounds corny but that’s how it feels and that’s what I love about the ‘job’. I am also prepared to give up on 15.000 THB per month in order to stay in this sector. At the moment. On the other hand, as sad as it is, at one point in life one also has to think about himself and that you’re not getting younger…

So the time might come where I have to change the title of this blog from no!madteacher to no!madmanager – although I’d like to avoid that as long as possible.

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