NoRedInk! – Study English

noredink english learning

Wait, there must be an app for that! We all know this slogan and probably even uttered it once in a while. When I was discussing English teaching problems the other day with one of my friends we said those exact same words. Wait, you might say, there are heaps of English learning apps. True! Indeed there are. However none of them are fun, free and customizable. Usually they only match one of those criteria but not all at once. Enter: NoRedInk (yes, there’s also a premium version available).

NoRedInk is not the re-definition of the wheel or a super new and highly modern learning revolution. However it’s a nice add to the average English homework / assignment in my opinion and might help get at least a few students on board of the grammar train.

Give it a try and let me know your experiences. Here’s the link again: NoRedInk.

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