Note to students: Think twice

teaching with experience at university

This is kind of a recurring topic here but I simply have to mention it again now that I see how students act before & during (as well as after) exams. I’ll keep it short and sweet and simply mention the few points that leave me stunned every time they come across.

1.) Preparing 2 days before the exam

Yeah yeah yeah. I understand that everybody has a lot to do (don’t cry!) but seriously….if you start to ask me questions like ‘where can I get the script?’ 2 days before the exam I have to question your intentions. Do you really expect to rock an exam with 2 days of preparation? Sure this works sometimes for someone but honestly, do you all think you are super smart? Right now to me it looks like everybody thinks of himself as the next big superstar while forgetting to take one step after the other.

From my experience: If you start to prepare 2 days before the exam there is one thing you should do more than any other: Pray! Understanding complex issues within a short period of time simply won’t work. But hey…good luck!

2.) Finishing after 30 Minutes

So we have an exam time of 3 hours. Open questions / essay questions (meaning: You gotta write a bit) and you honestly finish after 30 minutes or an hour? Are you kidding me? As long as you aren’t Mr. Smart in person that’s almost impossible. My conscious wouldn’t even let me do that.

3.) Coming late to exams

Are you freaking kidding me?


Don’t get me wrong though. I’ve never been a super student and just because I’m into teaching now doesn’t mean I’ve been perfect back than in Uni. But those things I mentioned before really annoy me because they do not only show a lack of preparation but also a lack of respect and seriousness and that’s something that is just plain wrong. It’s your freaking future you are playing with.

Just saying.

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