Online Video Education – knowmia

Today I came across a new (for me) online teaching platform. Knowmia. Knowmia is an online video repository dedicated to education. So far most of the videos are from youtube or vimeo and focus on highschool education. However knowmia does not only show those videos but it also adds notes, explanations or more (quizzes, data, etc.) through teaching staff to the videos when appropriate.

Knowmia was founded by the co-founders of famous flip video. Those small handheld cameras that were so popular a while ago. Now they are focusing on education and are trying something that has led many others to failure. Mass crowdsouricing for education.

The most important part will be to see if they really can keep the results ‘clean’. The more people participate, the likelier it will be that some crappy content will slip through the ‘teacher’s evaluation process’. Just have a look at wikipedia!

Nevertheless we should appreciate the take on this matter. Everything that is somehow new and tries to leverage the use of social media for education should be welcome. Gotta keep an eye on it.

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