Research Gate

researchgate social network

Finally I found some time to give Research Gate a try. Research Gate is, what a surprise after reading the name, a Social Network for researchers. It tries to connect researchers in the same area of interest / expertise with each other while answering questions, offering research papers or simply by browsing through ones interests.

The idea itself isn’t that new but Research Gate is the first network of this kind that didn’t annoy me straight away. The technology behind it seems quite decent, loading and uploading times are ok, the interface and overall usability also. Everything’s fine.

Nevertheless there’s one thing that I don’t quite like – the web board-like question and answer style. It would probably be hard to come up with something different but I’m really sick and tired of this kind of boards and forums.

Besides that Research Gate does a cool job in connecting you with interested topics, people from your own University (but maybe a different college/faculty) and exceptional people in general.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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