Social Media & Education: Using Facebook for Teaching

Social Media is definitely a huge field with numerous possibilities to interact or getting started. However facebook somehow simply is the one network which is widely known as ‘the social network’ or even ‘the internet’. So it seemed quite reasonable for me to start my series ‘Using Social Media for Education‘ with facebook as first example. I simply assume that most of you know facebook and already are there (active or passive). If this isn’t the case please feel free to head over to my ‘Social Media Explained’ section and explore facebook’s possibilites in general. But enough with the preface, let us start with the conversation. However, before getting into examples and best practices, let us get rid of the thought that facebook is bad and the origin of all evil. I already discussed whether social media is good or bad in terms of teaching & studies, let’s not start this discussion again (if so, please in the comments section beneath the post mentioned above) and assume that facebook is not developed by the devil himself (even though I wouldn’t put my shirt on it – however it’s not the root of all evil). Here is a short informational graphic [...]

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