Sound body, sound mind – How sport helps education

sound body sound mind - exercise for teaching & studies

Once more a personal post here that might come across a little strange at first since it is not obviously related to teaching, but still feels like it needs to be done. It’s about sports.

So what does sport and teaching have in common? As long as you’re not  sport teacher you might think not too much, right? In fact many non-sport teachers consider sport a ‘waste of time’ quite often. Taking this way of introducing the topic you can already guess where I am on this point. Sport helps. Teachers & students. Preparing & studying. How? Let’s see.

Personal point of view: Freeing your mind with sports

I am a huge sports fan so it does make sense that I am an advocate regarding regular sports. The reason why I’m a huge sports fan does not come out of nowhere of course. Sports is an awesome way to ‘free your mind’ or get rid of thoughts that stick to your mind all the time.

Using sport for distraction is, of course, nothing new. Most people understand the concept to use sports for this purpose. For example many people tend to do sports when they are upset (after exams, bad work experience, trouble with their boss).

The important thing for me however is to do sports on a regular basis and not just when you ‘feel for it’. It’s not about doing sports once in a while when you are annoyed or somehow in the mood – it’s about doing it even if you feel ‘down’ or ‘busy’. Doing sports even if you are not in the mood will increase your discipline and this will reflect in all different kinds of your life.

Besides becoming more disciplined I also believe that sport helps ‘freeing’ your mind in terms of enabling you to think differently. When sitting at your desk all the time you might get stuck in your thinking process – when making your body sweat while you do physical exhausting exercises you  might start seeing problems from different points of views.

The Facts: Sport keeps fit / healthy. 

Guess there’s not much to say. When you do sports regularly you stay fit and, obviously, increase your health. The likelihood of getting sick decreases and you should, usually, feel much better in terms of body perception.


What sports?

Up to you! It’s always hard to recommend things to someone without knowing the person. There are so many sports out there, go and find the one for you. I can tell you a little bit about what I am doing and why I am doing it. However that’s only an example, a very personal decision. No ‘master plan’.


I started with Yoga 4 months ago out of a ‘i have to change something’ mood. I had a lot of back and knee problems and was simply looking for a ‘workout’ that get’s me back into shape without having to hit the gym to often and what I can do at home once in a while. Yoga proved to be an incredible good choice and really helped getting flexibility back into my old body – I’m far away from being a pro (since I don’t do the ‘classical’ Yoga but DDP Yoga) but I feel so much better than before, my back is much better and so is my knee. I’m a huge fan of Yoga by  now and would recommend it to anyone without the slightest doubt.

(Beach) Volleyball

My sport for over 15 years now. I love it since it’s completely different to yoga and the other sports I mention here. I love being in a team, hanging out with different kinds of people and just having fun on the (beach) court. Furthermore I love the complexity of ‘real’ Volleyball. A sports commentator once said: “Volleyball is Chess with 180 mp/h. He’s right! However Volleyball is not for everybody since it really takes a long time to get the technique straight so I would simply recommend any kind of team sport here. Team sports help you to understand other people, find agreements when disputes need to be settled and so on – overall a great mini cosmos of the ‘real’ life.


Don’t like it, need to do it to stay in shape though (cardio). However sometimes it really is nice when you just keep on running and defeat your weaker self. Once in a while I even have great ideas regarding work (or life) while running. So it’s kinda worth it. Try!


Some of you might even don’t know squash I suppose. For me it’s THE sport that powers me out the most within the shortest amount of time. And it’s perfect to bundle aggression and let it all out. A little bit like gladiator fights. One-on-one but instead of hitting each other you punish the ball while even having to think incredibly fast about your next move. Love it.


I usually do Yoga every other day and when I’m not doing yoga I’m doing exercises. Squad drops, push ups, pull ups, you name it. The cool thing is there are so many ways of exercising (with music it’s even more ‘fun’) that you can always vary and come up with something new – a great way to power yourself out without being in the need for a partner or instructor. However if you think it’s better with an instructor just give me a call and I’ll gladly yell at you while your sweating 😉

Extreme Sports

Skydiving, Bungee Jumping, Wake Boarding, etc….why? Borders! Again I wouldn’t say everybody should do it but for me it’s just a way to ‘break out’ of the ‘normal’ life. Just gotta do this sometimes to regenerate and recharge battaries.


Rollerblading, swimming, biking….variety is king! The important thing is: Do something!


You bet there are injuries! I can’t even count how many times I’ve injured myself. Sometimes badly, most times not tooo bad. And, to quote Kelly Clarkson, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Right? Sounds corny but really is the case. After surviving quite a lot of injuries you start to see pain and intense situations a little different. However please don’t take that as pathetic as it may sound. Just saying you can even get something positive out of injuries.

That’s it for now. I hope you’re already on your way out!

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