Startup Weekend Education ASEAN – Interview with one of the winners, Wendy.

Now that Startup Weekend Education ASEAN is history teams are either moving forward or looking towards new challenges. Before the stress to progress sets in I had the chance to ask one of the participants of the winning team a few questions. She did the final pitch on Sunday and hence was crucial in selling the team’s idea to the judges. Ladies & Gentlemen, meet TUDEX’ marketer, Wendy.

Hi Wendy! Thanks for taking your time shortly after Startup Weekend Education ASEAN (#SWEDUASEAN). Can you give us a brief self introduction?

My name is Chawisa Chen (Wendy). I’m 22 years old. I am a graduate of Chulalongkorn University, The Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA International Program. I am currently an Account Executive at a Marketing Agency.

Why did you join the start-up weekend? Did you come with a pitch idea or just to sit and see what ideas come up?

I have heard about Startup Weekend when I was in University, and it has sparked my interest since then. Now that I am working, my boss is generous enough to give me the opportunity to join and supported me in this event. I decided to be in the supporting role after an idea I had was pitched before I got my chance to do so.

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Whose ideas was Tudex? If not yours: Why did you join this idea?

Chompoo, one of my team members, came up with the idea of tutor matching for the event. I have had a few thoughts about this idea before, so it was very interesting to see what I could provide towards the team.

The idea came about from my own personal experience. During my years of school and university, I had difficulties in finding a suitable tutor. I find the process tedious, time consuming, and inefficient. When there is no system in place, each student has to be worried about safety, as well as going through a trial and error method in choosing a tutor they find suitable. Even tutors who are recommended by friends are not a perfect fit, since each tutor and student are different.

Why will Tudex be successful? What problem does it tackle?

We aim to tackle several issues. The core of the project is to create a platform for both students and tutors to access through a mobile application. It will be user friendly and make it easier for students to find suitable tutors through their profiles via the app, and for tutors to schedule time slots and prices for students who picked them. With the large market size and demand for tutors, we believe we will be helping the community and solve any existing issues we have identified.

What’s up now? Will the team stick together? Will you go on to the Global Startup Battle? Trying to make Tudex a reality? Or focusing on other projects?

We are still in contact with each other through LINE and other social medias. The team is still together, but quite unsure about the future.

I have already applied to four tracks for Global Startup Battle (Champions Track, Great in Making Tracks, Mobile Growth Tracks, and Startup Women Track). So don’t forget to vote for us! (Voting begins – Nov 27th at 8am CST / Voting ends – Dec 4th at 12:00pm CST) We really want to go through with this project and provide a solution to the issue. Making it a reality would be the objective at this point.

Here’s the direct link: Vote for Tudex.

Famous last words!

A quote from Oscar Wilde, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” 😀

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