Teaching Diary: Sing it out!

The other day I finally did something, I always wanted to do. I sang with all my English classes ‘Man in the mirror’ by Michael Jackson. While it was far away from being perfect, it still was a great experience for different reasons.

First I practiced this song with my classes separately. At the end of each class for about 5 minutes. Slowly but steady they understood more and more (I explained the meaning of course and we talked about it in class) and enjoyed singing it.

Furthermore I split the song into different parts so that not every class had to sing every verse. Every class had one verse only.

Last Saturday we then met at our college to sing it together for the first time. Like I said before, it was far away from perfect, but it was nice to see how students interact together and how the try to manage working together and making the best out of it. Saying that leads me directly to one of the main purposes of this whole thing.

Singing is always a good way of learning a language. It combines fun and free time with education / studies. Furthermore man in the mirror has a nice message (If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make a change). Besides that songs usually don’t use school English but ‘street’ English. Using such lyrics shows students how English can and will be used outside the classroom and enables them to understand it.

Moreover the whole ‘meet with different groups and sing one song together’ is also kind of a project management task. Different student groups came together and had to figure out how to perform this English song best. Was nice to witness how they did it.

Long story short: Singing is a great way of making students learn without them considering it studying. Furthermore, when you are finished, you can use the outcome to spread it across your social media presences.

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