Teaching Diary: Students write articles

facebook for teaching

Here is another hands on example of how to use social media for teaching purposes. You already know how to use websites, facebook, twitter and so on so let’s cover another real best practice.

While teaching languages it is obviously important to improve the writing skills of your students. So why not do it in a social media way? Use the social networks to add some motivation to it.

The assignment: Write an essay about XYZ and publish it on our website. Spice it up and make it look ‘pretty’.

The idea: Beside writing essays students also had to figure out how to use our CMS (wordpress in that case) and how to style articles, how to insert links and media (to make it ‘pretty’). They also could team up with other students / classes to add nice pictures or videos .

The outcome: The idea + x. Students did, after  a short ‘oooh teacher’ argument exactly what I expected and even a little more. They teamed up with other students, added nice pictures and graphics and even did some videos to embed into their posts. Furthermore they spread the news about their articles via twitter and facebook – so almost some kind of small online marketing campaign.

Well done, again please 🙂

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