Top 5 Universities in Thailand – Electronic Communication

best universities thailand electronic commerce

After having spent some time looking for a new and interesting job that combines both of my professional preferences, teaching and online marketing, I figured that looking at Universities might have the biggest potential in providing the right environment. Having that said I obviously looked for Universities that provide courses in my field of studies which means ‘online’ related courses. It’s amazing how the electronic communication over here in Thailand is handled even by Universities who specialize in the Arts of Communication. This is a short review about communication (attempts) with Thai Universities.

Again: This is a list that talks about the communication with Universities. It does not comment on the value of courses offered at those Universities + this article was written in 2012.

1.) Rangsit University

BY FAR the best University when it comes to communication. The initial contact after my first email took a while but after that it was great and emails got replied almost every time within 24 hours. They even maintain their social profiles (department wise) on a regular basis and are aiming to do even more in this area. Oh and the command of English is perfect. Grade 4.

2.) Bangkok University

Hands down second place. The initial contact was quite quick the response a bit short though but extremely friendly. However the ‘we will get back to you’ took incredibly long. I do understand that during examination period and setting up courses for the new term the time to respond to other enquiries isn’t always there. However the ‘we will get back to you’ shouldn’t be forgotten. English skills are quite nice and informal which didn’t bother me at all. Grade 3.

3.) Chulalongkorn University (International College)

It’s a pain in the ass to find the right contact address of Chulalongkorn University. My attempts to contact them via their ‘official’ contact email failed twice so I googled my way through different sites and profiles (‘@mail’) and finally found a gmail (!!!) address of the international college of Chulalongkorn. The response there was quite nice as well but just like at Bangkok University there wasn’t much coming after the ‘we will get back to you soon’. And that from the most famous University in Thailand…Command of English was surprisingly basic however still friendly and informal. Grade 2.5

4.) Ramkhamheang University Bangkok

Just like the two before mentioned Universities the ‘we will get back to you’ took a long time. It also was accompanied by a ‘we’ll tell you how to do X and Y’ but unfortunately they never did. The English level was basic as well and the response incredibly short. Grade 2.5

5.) Naresuan University

The first contact was amazing. Response just within 24 hours by the director of the University. Great. From then on however it went down south. The command of English of both the director and the staff is close to perfect but the communication style simply sucks. They are totally only behind their own profit and as soon as communicating with you won’t bring them any direct profit they simply switch on the ignore mode. Even made some promises they didn’t keep. After all disappointing. Grade 0.

6.) Every other University

best universities thailand electronic commerce

best universities thailand electronic commerce

Most other Universities with homepages completely suck in terms of replying to communication efforts. I even tried to contact them twice but still they lacked in responding. If you can’t do it, don’t offer it. All failed.

The bottom line is that electronic communication in Thailand still sucks big time. No matter if University or business. However Universities, especially those that offer ‘new media’ or other related courses, should be the ones that lead by example and show how communication actually should be done. There’s still a lot to learn in the Land Of Smile. Especially since smiling via email isn’t that easy – if you are not responding.

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